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Natalie and I travelled for almost four weeks in a campervan through Japan. As many other travellers before us, we fell in love with this country. The kindness of the people, traditions like the Onsen hot-springs, the crazy towns with funky people, the delicious foods and the cherry blossoms make you think that you are on another planet entirely.

We started with skiing in Nozawa Onsen and ended our trip in Tokyo. We slept in our rental car the entire time (expect the one night we spent in a temple hotel). And there are thousands of little stories to tell. But for now, I let the pictures do the talking.


Kobe is famous for its exquisite Kobe beef, which is basically one kind (black Japanese cattle) of the four Japanese cattle. Essentially, Kobe beef is one brand of Wagyu beef. The animals in Kobe are on a special diet and receive no antibiotics. They grow slower and the meat is therefore supposed to be better. Well, we have tried Kobe beef and we loved it. But we are sure, we could not tell difference between Kobe beef and regular Wagyu. Apart from the meat, Kobe is a beautiful city. It is less crowded and less crazy than other Japanese metropolises.

Yes, this is the Kobe beef restaurant (Steakland). They have good lunch deals.


The Osaka castle is a peaceful place in the center of this large port city. At least until all the visitors appear around 10 a.m. The rest of the city is less peaceful and mostly crazy: Game shops, where you can buy old Nintendo GameBoys including games, erotic manga stores, Maid restaurants (just google it… or, better don’t) and Mozzarella cheese sticks with sugar are just a few of the things that make Japan so fun to visit.


Kyoto was once the capital of Japan and still is the cultural centre of Japan. This quiet city is surrounded by old temples, castles and Shinto shrines. Locals, especially young women, like to wear traditional cloths (Yukata, a type of a Japanese summer kimono) to walk around town and take selfies.


In Koyasan we spent one night in a temple hotel and learned a lot about the history of the Japanese Esoteric Buddhism. You can read more about it here (in German).


Yokkaichi is infamous for its port industry, which is active day and night. And as we drove by this town, we waited for the night to capture some industrial cityscapes – just to try something new.

Mount Fuji

We had a 24 hour window of good weather around Mount Fuji and we made the most out of it. We drove around the five lakes, tried to capture the Fuji diamond (no luck due to clouds), took pictures at night and took an Onsen bath with the mountain in sight.


If you only have a few days in Japan, spend them in Tokyo and you can get a good impression of this country or at least the cities of Japan. Lucky enough, when we visited the city, the cherry trees were in full bloom and all the people were celebrating spring and took selfies with the cherry blossoms. Amazing.

In South East Asia I gave my camera a rest. Hence, this is my last picture series of this journey. As always, thanks for watching.

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