Australia in Pictures

We are already enjoying the early Japanese spring. But before the cherry blossoms are blooming here, I would like to share a few pictures from Down Under. On our journey from Melbourne up to Cairns we mostly enjoyed the sunny beaches and the vibrant cities. But once in a while I took my camera for a walk and here are some results.

Grampians National Park

The Grampians are a few hill lines and rock formations in the middle of nowhere. But the view into the outback is stunning and really worth a short evening or morning hike. And we saw Kangaroos and Emus in the wild. Amazing. (Comment Natalie: Looking at these pictures, who can’t stop thinking about the movie Lion King!?)

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road and especially the 12 Apostels are among the most touristy spots in Australia, but totally worth a visit. But I wish we had a more colourful sunset.

Great Alpine Road

The Great Alpine Road is a stark contrast to the Great Ocean Road. You will hardly find any tourists. And you are lucky to see more people than snakes on the hiking tracks. Definitely off the beaten track.

Blue Mountains

Just a few hours driving from the center of Sydney (this is close in Australia dimensions) are the Blue Mountains. Just a few hundred meters high, they offer plenty of day hikes and spectacular views over the valleys in the distance.

Whitsunday Island

No words.

Magnetic Island

For all the Koala lovers out there, here are some Koalas spotted in the wild on Magnetic Island. And yes, they are only sleeping and digesting.

Greetings from Kobe, Japan. By the way, check out the first Japanese story here.

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