Argentina in Pictures

We arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, just a few days ago. Here, we relaxed in a cozy Airbnb for a few days and enjoyed the city. But now it is time for new adventures. In two days we are going to pickup a van for our time here in New Zealand. But before we show you pictures from New Zealand, I will have two more South America “in pictures” posts for you: Argentina and Patagonia. Today, I present you the north and the middle part of Argentina.


Natalie describes our day trip from Salta to Cafayate in the following blog post. Northern Argentina is very different from the rest of the country. Therefore, we highly recommend this remote and less touristy area of Argentina.


Mendoza is the most well known wine region of Argentina, which mainly produces Malbec. Malbec is a very good wine in combination with the delicious beef you can eat everywhere in the country.

Puente del Inca

Between Mendoza and the Chilean border lies Puente del Inca, a tiny village at the foot of the highest mountain of South America: Aconcagua, 6961 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, the path to the basecamp was closed, when we were there. Nonetheless, the views were stunning and we even spotted a Condor flying over the mountains.


Bariloche is already part of Patagonia, but I will post the pictures here as it is very different to the southern part of Patagonia. In fact, the region is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Argentina.

Our favourite adventure in the Bariloche region was the two-day hike to Refugio Frey.

Thank you for your blog visit. The Patagonia pictures will follow soon.

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