On my 32st birthday, I was lying sick in my hotel bed in Cusco, Peru. Probably food poisoning – again. It was one of these travel days, which are no fun at all. These are not the moments we like to share on Instagram. It would destroy the impression of the ever so happy traveller. But to be honest, back then, I just wanted to be at home with my family and my friends.

Now, two weeks later, I look at the pictures of the three weeks we spent in Peru and I’m just happy. What a beautiful country and what a privilege to be able to travel to these incredible places. Luckily, happy memories stay, while bad ones tend to fade away.

Islas Ballestas


Escape Lima for one day and combine Islas Ballestas and Huacachina in a day tour. It is really worth it!


Ausangate Trek & Rainbow Mountain

One of the most beautiful and toughest treks I have ever done. And perfectly described by Natalie here.


Arequipa, the white city, is the most beautiful city we have seen in Peru. And there are lots of great restaurants.

Puno, Uros Floating Islands & Taquile

The men on Taquile Island are knitting their hats. Red and and white means single, red and blue means married.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has crazy amount of tourists (the dark side of Peru), but after all, it is really worth to see as the location of this Inca ruin is just spectacular.

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Natalie and Mirko, Machu Picchu Peru

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