From Vancouver, there are three main routes to drive up to Alaska, which are well described on this site: – the Rocky Mountain route, the Gold Rush route and the Inside Passage. As we travel up to Alaska and back, because we have to return our rental car in Westport, Washington, we can do two out of three routes. The Inside Passage must be beautiful with its Fjords and all, but the ferry that you need for some parts of this route is rather expensive. In order to save some money for the long journey ahead of us, we therefore decided to drive both ways inland.

In this blog post you see pictures from our first route, the Gold Rush route via Cariboo Highway, Stewart-Cassiar Highway and through the Yukon territory. It is a very scenic route and you drive mostly alone, as most tourists choose the classic Rocky Mountain route (the one we are taking on the way back).

And now I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Gold Rush City Barkerville, which is described more in detail by Natalie here.

Hazelton, B.C.

Kitwanga, B.C.

Hyder, Alaska.

Hyder, Alaska.

Salmon Galcier, B.C.

Kinaskan Lake, B.C.

Natalie with our Ford Econovan in the background. We call it/him Kurt, as we got it in Westport, which is close to Kurt Cobain’s hometown Aberdeen, Washington.

Random mountain on Stewart-Cassiar Highway.

Our first Grizzly Bear. It could still be a brown Black Bear as even local rangers could not tell for sure. We will post a picture of this bear on Instagram with a yellow flower in its mouth soon.

Boya Lake, B.C. (Long exposure shot).

Sign Post Forrest in Watson Lake, Yukon.

Watson Lake, Yukon.

Smallest desert in the world: Carcross Desert, Yukon.

Whitehorse, Yukon.

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