When you are reading these lines, we are already on the road travelling the world. Our big journey has started on May 8th 2018 and will most likely end somewhen in spring 2019.

Fear not. In this blog we will not provide a journal-like documentation of our travel. But we will share with you some remarkable moments of this journey be it in form of a special photo series, an anecdote or a story about an interesting person we have met. And of course, we focus on a topic: Hiking.

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to check out our blog every now and then. If you want more frequent updates in form of pictures, follow us on Instagram.

Do you like what we are doing? Do you have any travel recommendation? Or do you have other feedback? Tell us, we would love to know!

Natalie and Mirko

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Natalie and Mirko, Machu Picchu Peru

We hike, drive and fly for one year through planet’s backyard. Welcome to our blog about this journey.